OpenSolaris 2008.11とExpress 5800/110Ge + Xeon 3065は相性悪いかなぁ

ダウンロードしたLive CDのイメージを物理CDに焼いて、物理CD-Rドライブから起動させようとしたが、起動途中でrebootしちゃうなぁ。←NEC Express5800/110Ge/110Ge Userにより稼動報告があるOS - wiki@nothingとか見てたから、あんまり期待はしてなかったけど。
この組み合わせの上でVMware ESXi 3.5 Update 4を動かして、その上のゲストとしてなら問題なく動作してたんだがなぁ。


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Re: Cannot boot from 2008.11 on Dell T5400
Posted: Apr 4, 2009 12:00 PM in response to: jkeil
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I've struggled a few days to get 2008.11 installing/working on my T5400.

In the end, the following did the trick:

1) Upgraded BIOS to revision A04 (got it from the dell website)
2) Used default BIOS settings
3) Booted livecd using -B disable-intel_nb5000=true -kd
and then in kmdb did:

bp pcie_pci`_init

pepb_intel_workaround_disable/W 1


The livecd then booted successfully and I could proceed with the installation.

After the installation, I've added "set pcie_pci:pepb_intel_workaround_disable = 1" to the /etc/system config file and added "disable-intel_nb5000=true" to grub's menu.lst .

The system is fairly stable and reboots still fails occationally.